West cost Itinerary tour package

A thrilling west coast Sri Lanka itinerary

A west coast Sri Lanka itinerary would include stops at some of the country’s most westernized and most developed places that are often visited by tourists. The international airport in Katunayake makes the west coast very easily accessible for foreigners. Your Sri Lanka itinerary will include the best west coast beaches in Sri Lanka. Be it the south western coast or the north western coast, beaches are at their best, along with other exciting activities such as water sports, dolphin watching, fishing, and more.


Highlights of the best west coast beaches in Sri Lanka

  • Kalpitiya is a must visit on your west coast Sri Lanka itinerary. Several eco friendly lodges are available for a unique accommodation experience. Dolphin watching and kitesurfing are popular activities here.
  • A little further inland from the west coast is the Wilpattu National Park where you can experience Sri Lanka’s wildlife and enjoy an exciting jeep safari.
  • Golden sands, calm waters and the best sunset view is what you will love about all the best west coast beaches in Sri Lanka.


A typical west coast Sri Lanka itinerary

You can begin this itinerary from the south western coast and travel up north along the western coastline to make sure you have covered all the best west coast beaches in Sri Lanka.

Tour Plan

Day 1 - Hikkaduwa Day 1 - Hikkaduwa
  • Hikkaduwa is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Since the 1970s, tourists have been visiting this town for its clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and snorkeling. Although this town has been susceptible to a lot of wear and tear due to its popularity, there still remain a few peaceful spots, mostly private beaches owned by luxury hotels along the coast, where one can relax and sun bathe on the shores of Hikkaduwa.
Day 2 - Bentota Day 2 - Bentota
  • From all the south western coastal belts of the island, Bentota is popular as the prime beach resort. A range of luxury hotels and tourist amenities are available in Bentota for the comfort of tourists. For those who love water sports, the Bentota beach is ideal. In fact there are several organizations dedicated only to providing thrilling water sports experiences to tourists. Snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, sailing, water skiing, deep sea fishing, banana boat rides, jet skiing and much more is available here. Apart from the ocean, you can visit the turtle hatchery in Bentota to observe the lifestyle of turtles.
Day 3 - Colombo Day 3 - Colombo
  • Since Colombo is the commercial hub of the island, it does not have much in store in terms of beaches but it should be a must visit destination on your west coast Sri Lanka itinerary. A city tour of Colombo with a visit to many of the historical places, the groceries market and the trading hub would be quite interesting. Spend an evening at Galle Face Green flying kites, enjoying the sea breeze blowing into your face and a breathtaking view of the sunset. You can also observe the work in progress of the new Colombo port city project being constructed at the Galle Face Green.
Day 4 & 5 - Negambo Day 4 & 5 - Negambo

Negombo is popular for its friendly local community, its fishing industry, the availability of hotels to suit all pockets, and a nice stretch of golden sandy beaches. The town is also a popular commercial hub and has an important economic center. Its history dates back to the Dutch and Portuguese era; many of those buildings are still in existence today. The Dutch fort gate was built in 1672, and there is also the 100km long Dutch canal which was once a supply route to villages. As for beaches, the quieter ones are found outside private hotels while the other stretches are always busy with fishermen and the local public.

Day 6 - Chilawa Day 6 - Chilawa
  • Chilaw is a charming coastal town situated about 82km from Colombo on your west coast Sri Lanka itinerary. It offers soft sandy beaches on one side and peaceful lagoons on the other. Chilaw is a bustling town popular for its crabs and coconuts, hence you cannot come back from Chilaw without trying a crab curry. Chilaw is also one of the first and only cities in Sri Lanka that was visited by Sir Mahatma Gandhi in the early 1900s. Visit the Munneswaram Kovil in Chilaw as it holds significant religious importance and is said to be about 2000 years old.
Day 7 & 8 - Kalpitiya Day 7 & 8 - Kalpitiya
  • Dolphins and kitesurfing are a popular attraction in Kalpitiya. The bay of Kalpitiya is also one of the best west coast beaches in Sri Lanka. There are several accommodation options here in Kalpitiya that offer the best eco-friendly experiences such as luxury camping and wooden tents. Take a boat ride a few kilometers into the sea and you will be surrounded by schools of dolphins jumping in and out of the water. The strong winds at the lagoon in Kalpitiya are ideal for kitesurfing and there are kitesurfing schools that provide the necessary equipment and lessons for those who want to learn and enjoy this thrilling activity. About an hour and a half’s drive from Kalpitiya is the Wilpattu National Park where you can indulge in some wildlife experiences in Sri Lanka and take pleasure in a jeep safari ride at the park to spot some unique animal species.

    Let us help you build a tailor-made west coast Sri Lanka itinerary

    Above is just a typical west coast itinerary for your holiday in Sri Lanka. You might want to join it with a visit to other parts of Sri Lanka as well. Our expert travel consultants can advice you on how to build a customized Sri Lanka itinerary by including the best west coast beaches in Sri Lanka and other popular tourist attractions around the country as well. We have immense experience in doing the same for clients from UK, USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Thailand, India and many other countries across the world.


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